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Wismar, Germany


I watched the Houston workshop from my home in Wismar, Germany, and here is the photo I took yesterday about 20 minutes before the Live Event started. It shows my desk, the place I love most in my house and spend most of my time at. It’s a little crowded there but I love every single item around me.

It was my first live event and I felt the energy, I loved being so connected and feeling Abraham’s presence so directly.

Especially I loved hearing how my question was answered. It was about whether or not I as a writer could tap into the energy of great writers from previous times while I am writing here and now and when Abraham started talking about how someone can access the energy of Beethoven and van Gogh I thought, WOW, they only squeezed that in there for ME and I am on the other side of the world!

- Abraham LIVE Broadcast from Houston, Texas, USA – April, 2011

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