Abraham-Hicks LIVE Streaming Video in Porto, Portugal Law of Attraction Global Workshops

Porto, Portugal

Great workshop! Words cannot describe it, but they don't need to =)

So here's a picture of me tuning in from my room in Porto, Portugal. It was a magnificent experience and all the questions I had (and even those I didn't think I had, but did) were absolutely and completely answered.

And, yes, so many times it did feel like Abraham was talking directly to me. Little specific comments throughout the workshop and it was amazing. It IS manifestation. We are immensely powerful. 

I am so appreciative of your (OUR!) existence in this time space reality and beyond it. Much love to you all.  P.S. I look very young, I am 27 years old here in this body. I feel beyond my years though.

- Abraham LIVE Broadcast from Seattle, WA, USA – July, 2011

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